Air Balettie-3000s

Our Most Advanced Shoe Yet...

Designed in The Land of The Free...

Handcrafted by Italian artisans in Vatican City.

Air Balettie 3000s are THE foremost luxury marching band shoes on the market 
The "Air Balettie 3000" marching shoe is a marching shoe unparalleled by any other!

-In both performance and fire resistance.

AB3000s meets and surpasses the National Fire Protection Association's ATSM E119 fire regulation code.

No longer will you have to worry about pyromaniac band kids inclined to light things on fire!​​​​​​​


Our custom rolled heel gives Air Balettie wearers a competitive edge during competition season,
giving them the confidence to roll through to the next step while playing with a full sound.

"With the release of AB3000s, AirBalettie Inc continues to set the industry standard and uphold its title as The World's Premier Marching Band Shoe Brand"

- Ricky The Rat,
CEO of AirBalettie Inc. 
Discover the Air Balettie 3000 Advantage - Unleash Your Potential on Every Field.

Order Yours Right Now!
The first customer with the name ANDREW who places an order will win a FREE pair of Air Balettie 3000s!
To order, email and put in the subject line the secret password: "I won't call the police."​​​​​​​

Still hesitant to waste your money? 

Read our AMAZING (omg, wow) customer testimonies:​​​​​​​
Mr. Majernik -
"As a vertically challenged percussion director, I needed extra height to command the marching band. Air Balettie 3000's custom shoes with taller heels and thicker soles saved the day. Now, I can confidently lead the band without a step stool!"

Ella Arthur -
"Air Balettie 3000 took my trumpet playing to a whole new level. I can hit those high notes with such intensity that even the Vatican's choir is jealous. It's like having heavenly support for my trumpet prowess!"

Thad Sherin -
"As a famous jazz musician, I demand perfection in every step. Air Balettie 3000 delivers just that. With each stride, I transcend into a realm of musical brilliance. It's like walking on jazz itself!"

Mr. Rebuck -
"Air Balettie 3000 has become the official shoe of our high school. Every step in these luxurious shoes exudes authority and leadership. As the president, I can say, these shoes were made for winning elections!"

Darby Baines -
"Thanks to Air Balettie 3000, my freshman trumpet skills have become legendary. I'm now officially known as the 'Trumpet Dynamo' among my peers. These shoes are pure magic!"

Cannonball Adderly -
"Air Balettie 3000 shoes are a saxophonist's dream. They make me feel so light and breezy that I can effortlessly hit those crazy high notes. I guarantee you'll be blowing like a cannonball too!"

Ishmael -
"Air Balettie 3000 transformed my clarinet playing from squeaky to symphonic. Now, I can hit those sweet clarinet melodies while feeling like a superstar. Even Mozart would be envious!"

Tom Cruise -
"Air Balettie 3000 gives me the perfect lift I need for my action-packed scenes. These shoes make me run faster, jump higher, and conquer impossible stunts. It's like having my own personal shoe stunt double!"

Ben Garner -
"As a musician for the Sicilian jazz flash mob, I never thought a shoe could make me play better, but Air Balettie 3000 proved me wrong. Now, my trombone skills are so hot, they even melt the fire-resistant sole. Watch out, world!"

Fallout Boy -
"Air Balettie 3000 has taken our stage presence to the next level. With these shoes, we jump and rock out with unparalleled style and grace. We can even set ourselves on fire without worrying about our footwear!"​​​​​​​



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